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DFB Laser

CNI offers DFB laser, which is special designed for gas detection such as CH4, H2S, NH3, H2O, CO, CO2, C2H4, HF, C2H2, etc. Features with narrow linewidth up to 2MHz, ultra compact dimension, high power and wavelength stability, they are widely used in fiber gas detection, seed light source, fiber optical sensing field, etc.

TEMoo mode diode laser

       Features: Applications:
Stable wavelength and output power Optical fiber gas detection system
Narrow linewidth Optical sensing
No jump mode output in operating current range Fiber communications

       Laser for Gas Detection:

  Gas Composition

Chemical Formula

Absorption Spectrum

  Methane CH4

1650.9 nm, 1653.7 nm

  Hydrogen sulfide H2S 1578 nm, 1590 nm
  Ammonia NH3 1512 nm
  Carbon monoxide CO 1567 nm
  Carbon dioxide CO2 1580 nm



1532.68 nm

  Ethylene C2H4 1620 nm, 1625 nm, 1627 nm
  Hydrogen fluoride HF 1268.7 nm, 1273 nm, 1305 nm, 1312 nm
  Water H2O

1368 nm, 1392 nm

       Laser for Fiber Communication:


  Model Output Power Data sheet
  1310 nm TEM-F-1310DFB 1-10 mW
  1550 nm TEM-F-1550DFB 1-30 mW


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